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Marco is a NYC POP Art Legend hailed by the NY Times whose talents extend from Painting, to Designing, Illustrating, Animating, Film Making, Editing, and Acting. Marco combines all of these mediums in one way or another to create MARCOART his art-based clothing and product line in New York City's Historic Lower East Side-visit for to see just some of Marcoart's products and/or to contact Marco. Enjoy the interesting and informative MARCOART mini-documentary above-Marco and MARCOART are New York City Treasured icons and an integral part of NYC's Living Cultural Heritage

Marco is a NYC POP Art Legend hailed by the NY Times whose talents extend from painting, to designing, illustrating, animating, writing, film- making, and acting, . All of these mediums combine in one way or another to form what Marco calls MARCOART his art based clothing and product line in New York City's Historic Hip and Trendy Lower East Side in downtown Manhattan.

 Unlike other quote "legendary" NYC POP Artists like Keith Harring and Andy Warhol, who are both actually originally from Pennsylvania Marco is really born and raised in New York City. Marco's very first exposure to art was 2nd grade art class, it was his favorite time of the day when he could get loose with his friends and turn big blank sheets of white paper into a world of his own creation Not too much has changed, Marco skipped art school and every project still begins with that same sheet of blank white paper that gets translated onto a sketch on canvas which becomes a painting.

 In fact it was Marco's muralizing of his room that caught the eye of his friends who told him that he could sell that stuff which put Marco on the road to where Marcoart is today

 Marco got his start selling his paintings in SOHO NYC in the late 1980's on the corner of Prince and Greene Streets where he was dubbed “Prince of Greene Street” by the locals and covered by the New York Times reporter James Servin who in an January 20th1991 article titled “SOHO Stares at Hard Times” said of the young upstart artist: “Nevertheless, at the corner of Prince and Greene Streets a smiling young man exclaims, "Art!" and points to crudely painted canvases clipped to a chain fence. He introduces himself as "Marco, the artist." "All of these canvases are waterproof oil," he says. "They're all under $100. You should buy one. In a couple of years, they'll quadruple in value." It turns out he was right, Marco's original paintings now sell for tens of thousands of dollars and have been featured in gallery shows all over the world.

 Marco who has always had a flair for showmanship, took his show off the SOHO streets in the early 90's and opened up his first gallery/studio/boutique in the then very grimy economically depressed crime-riddled Lower East Side Section of New York City. In order to promote his gallery Marcoart wrote, directed and starred in his very own Weekly Manhattan Cable TV Show appropriately titled “Marcoart NYC” long before the internet ever existed filming the episodes on a VCR Camera and dropping them off with his bicycle at the TV Station in Midtown Manhattan.

 Marco's Lower East Side headquarters was equal parts, Tee Shirt Printing Factory, Art Gallery, Art Studio, TV Studio, and Clothing Boutique and operated for over a decade from the early 90's all the way to 2003 transforming the Lower East Side from a grimy crime-riddled hell hole to a bastion of hip restaurants, art galleries, bars, hotels, and high end boutiques that it is today.

 To say that Marco pioneered this NYC Neighborhood is not an understatement, it is a fact, no one did more to put that the Lower East Side on the map of every local and tourist visiting NYC than Marco and as it turned out this pioneering multi-talented creative genius with a natural flair for marketing and a gift for gab that leaves even his fellow native New Yorkers tongue-tied was just getting started.

 From it’s very inception MARCOART was a high energy Lower East Side institution, the retail spaces it occupied on Orchard street are the stuff of legend. For well over ten years it enchanted and thrilled locals and visitors alike, one of the favorite elements was a catwalk the connected the upper studio spaces that hovered above the retail space, and the fire pole that Marco was known to slide down to greet his friends and visitors.

 One of those visitors was the International Director of marketing for Swatch who came in to Marco's store with a proposition saying to Marco: “I will come visit your store, if I like what I see, we will work together if not please don't call me again, it seems that Marco, after getting his number from a visitor to his store who had some connections with Swatch had called the high powered figure a couple of dozen times leaving messages for him to call him with his secretary-apparently Swatch liked what it saw because they commissioned Marco to create what ended up being the best-selling artist Swatch Watch of all time the Alien Baby which featured Marco's distinct signature on each and every watch band and helped make the Marcoart brand go global with the debut of Marco's main character Ollie D. Octopus's best imaginary friend; Pookaberry the Alien Baby who along with Ollie leads Marco's cast of characters in a series of adventures which Marco wrote and continues to write for the purposes of developing them into an animated series.

 After over a decade of putting the Lower East Side of New York City on the Map, Marco again took his show on the road, this time literally, returning to his familiar haunt of SOHO New York City, but now, instead of on foot with a roll of painted canvases under his arm, behind the wheel of his own Marcoart Mobile, a rolling gallery unique to New York City, and another pioneering triumphant tour de force for the multi-talented iconoclastic POP artist to add to his resume.

 Whether it was rolling up to a NYC street corner to sell his paintings and prints or going “on location” to special events Marco's Art Mobile always made big waves and even bigger smiles wherever it went.

 Another vehicle that Marco would use to deliver miles of smiles was the MARCOART Kiosk The Legendary Toy Store FAO Schwartz which was featured in such film's as Stanley Kubrik's "Eye's Wide Shut" that FAO SHWARTZ invited Marcoart to open to help them celebrate thier 150th Anniversary!

 By this time Marcoart was a global brand, his work having been featured on MTV's Run's House for the magnificent Celebrity Portrait titled “Hollis Crew” that Marco created for the Legendary NYC Hip Hop Band RUN DMC along with an enormous painting called “Boom Box” which was featured on the show Run's House and was later donated by the band to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Marco's celebrity portraits of other music Legends like, Jam Master Jay, John Legend, Flavor Flave, Afrika Bambatta, Moby, Curtis Blow, Jim Jones, Hollywood film directors Quentin Tarrentino, Takashe Mike, Celebrity Chef Aaron Sanchez who Marco featured on a hilarious episode of his show where his comical interview with the star chef took him and the viewing audience by surprise.

 All this time since the mid-90's Marco's road show had sprouted wings that landed Marco in Japan, a place that would soon come to be Marco's home away from home, his favorite place outside of New York City where he's done all kinds of amazing events including live painting one of the first Smart Cars in a major Tokyo department store and composing and performing many songs about Japan including: “Booya” a song celebrating the lively Tokyo District of Shibuya, "Tokyo aint Texas" and “I Like my Sushi Medium Rare” Marco's epic hard-rocking song that gives us an audio peek at Tokyo and Japan through the eyes of a clue-less American, and most recently Marco's collaboration with the Universal Records recording artists Saboten Brothers on “Love, Peace, and Harmony” their tribute song to Marcoart and “The Sushi Sashimi Song” Marco's timeless perky jingle celebrating springtime in Japan.

 The celebration continues as “Marcoart Japan” Marco's Licensed Company in Japan are taking Marco's unique multi-disciplinary brand of POP Art to new heights with animation, book, clothing, product, and music projects all in the works with literally no end to the growth of partnerships and opportunities.

 In homage to Marcoart's humble roots in Marco's very first storefront in the Lower East Side on 37 Orchard Street where Marco-then a one Man Brand would man his beat up 4 station 6 Color manual silkscreen tee shirt printing press to the wee hours of the morning Marcoart recently launched MARCO NOT POLO Marco's own clothing line that feature's a fabulous array of designer women's and men's wear including breathtaking gowns, dresses, capes, and Marco's own personal Favorite the Marco Not Polo Aloha shirt the ultimate men's clothing item that is just a much at home on the boardroom as it is on the beach and if the beach is the boardroom all the better! Not just Tee shirts Marco Not Polo is a FULL BLOWN clothing Brand from the mind of the Original NYC POP Artist Man with a Brand with a Plan Marco of Marcoart

 Just when you're probably thinking that Marco probably doesn't even have time to sleep or watch a movie it turns out that he's busy making movies! Marco's film production company: Snug Dog Films, has been making artistic experimental films that tickle the funny bone while revealing truths about culture and Snug Dog, the journey is always as or more important than the end product... this is especially prescient if this "Journey" is LIFE the end product of which is well...THE END...In keeping with this analogy; between the opening titles and the closing credits our existence plays out in a myriad of scenes, some funny, some tragic, with a diverse and often unexpected cast of characters interacting, acting and reacting, adding, subtracting, dividing and always multiplying, driven by competing, complimentary, and conflicting ideologies...amidst this chaos Snug Dog sits gnawing the chew toy of life in all of it's abundant splendor, reveling it's hypocrisies, ironies, and above all it's beauty, and maybe, just maybe, capturing a bit of it on film for posterity, and of course, your viewing pleasure.

What started out as a one man Band is now an international brand with NYC as it's base and Japan as Marco's home away from home, Marcoart NYC and Marcoart Japan combine the best elements of the East and the West with the Greatest Living legendary POP artist who thanks to his multi-disciplinary polymath of talents reigns uniquely supreme in the pantheon of POP Art.